Voltage Regulator

1. Voltage Regulator

Models: D18S and D18C, No. 9         Issued: September 9, 1946 Reprinted:  September 25, 1950 Revised:  June 1, 1953 REVERSE CURRENT RELAYS AND VOLTAGE REGULATORS In order to give better efficiency in the maintenance of the reverse...
Slushing Fuel Tanks

2. Slushing Fuel Tanks

FLEXIBLE RUDDER TAB SHAFT WRENCH  |  Volume 2  |  October, 1948 Number 1 MODEL 18 SERVICE NOTES AND CHANGES Slushing Fuel Tanks To increase the life of the aluminum fuel tanks used in the Model 18, it is recommended that they be slushed,...
Reclining Chairs

3. Reclining Chairs

Models D18S and D18C    |  No. 8  |  Revised:  July 15, 1954 MODIFICATION OF THE BEECH RECLINING CHAIR FOR REVERSE SEATING If reverse seating is desired, it may be accomplished by making the following changes in the mechanism of...
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Elevator Droop

VOLUME 1 MARCH 1, 1948 NUMBER 6 MODEL 18 SERVICE NOTES AND CHANGES ELEVATOR ‘DROOP’ By T.A. Wells, Vice President and Chief Engineer Many pilots have noticed that the elevator on Beech airplanes...

Drift Pin

To help line up the holes in the female hinge castings of the rudders and elevator with those in the mail hinge castings attached to the fins and horizontal stabilizer (for easing the insertion of hinge...
Current Relays

Current Relays

Models D18S and D18C No. 7 Reprinted:  July 15, 1952 INTERCHANGEABILITY OF REVERSE CURRENT RELAYS In order to facilitate changing from one type of reverse current relay to another, it will be necessary to...
Brake Hose

Brake Hose

Model:  D18S, No. 5         Revised:  June 1, 1953 CLEARING HYDRAULIC BRAKE HOSE Some of the earlier Model D18S Beechcrafts, Serials A-1 to A-68 inclusive, had the brake hoses routed along the torque knees at...

Brake Bleeding

VOLUME 1 FEBRUARY 1, 1948 NUMBER 5 MODEL 18 SERVICE NOTES AND CHANGES ALTERNATE BRAKE BLEEDING PROCEDURE FOR MODEL D18S, D18C, D18C-T The following procedure may be used as an alternate method in bleeding the...
Gun Turret

Gun Turret

We have a gun turret for a Beech 18 on sale.
Ham Standard Propeller

Ham Standard Propeller

VOLUME 3  |  FEBRUARY, 1950  |  NUMBER 5  |  MODEL 18 SERVICE NOTES AND CHANGES Hydromatic Propeller Care Single-acting, hydromatic, Hamilton Standard propellers are offered as optional equipment for the...

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