Window Seal

Window Seal

Model:  D18S, No. 4  |  Revised:  April 15, 1953  |  SEALING CABIN WINDOWS
Cabin window are sealed in rubber by using a pressure strip (A), mounted in the window frame (B). In the event leaks occur around the edge of the window frame, the following procedure should be used as a guide.

  1. Remove trim strip (C).
  2. Tighten screws (D).
  3. Replace trim strip.

If leaks occur at the joint of the window frame, they may be stopped by using a mallet or other similar tool to align the butted ends of the joint to the rubber seal and the Plexiglas. Do not bump the frame ends any more than necessary to stop the leak. To do so may cause the rubber seal to be punctured, resulting in a larger leak and probable replacement of the seal.


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