Voltage Regulator

1. Voltage Regulator

Models: D18S and D18C, No. 9         Issued: September 9, 1946 Reprinted:  September 25, 1950 Revised:  June 1, 1953 REVERSE CURRENT RELAYS AND VOLTAGE REGULATORS In order to give better efficiency in the maintenance of the reverse...
Slushing Fuel Tanks

2. Slushing Fuel Tanks

FLEXIBLE RUDDER TAB SHAFT WRENCH  |  Volume 2  |  October, 1948 Number 1 MODEL 18 SERVICE NOTES AND CHANGES Slushing Fuel Tanks To increase the life of the aluminum fuel tanks used in the Model 18, it is recommended that they be slushed,...
Reclining Chairs

3. Reclining Chairs

Models D18S and D18C    |  No. 8  |  Revised:  July 15, 1954 MODIFICATION OF THE BEECH RECLINING CHAIR FOR REVERSE SEATING If reverse seating is desired, it may be accomplished by making the following changes in the mechanism of...
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Trailer Parts

Southwestern Aero Exchange, Inc. Aircraft Hauling Trailer information and additional equipment (provided): The Aircraft Hauling Trailer was shop built: s/n 923047207 A Oklahoma Tag: 279-8BE Length:...

Rudder Tab Wrench

This simple wrench has proven very useful for working in the confinements of the horizontal stabilizer through a small inspection door. Its specific use is for tightening the hex nut that connects the...

Propeller Oil Drain

D18S No. 3  |  Kit:  502  |  Revised:  April 15, 1953 ADDITION OF RESERVOIR DRAIN FOR HYDROMATIC PROPELLERS In order to improve the efficiency in servicing the airplane, we have made necessary changes in the...
Ozite Rug Pad

Ozite Rug Pad

Model:  D18S, No. 2  |  Kit 501  |  Issued:  August 6, 1946  |  Reprinted:  July 1, 1949 Revised:  October 1, 1954 If desired, an OZITE rug pad is now available for your airplane and may be installed under...
Oil Tank

Oil Tank

VOLUME 2  |  NOVEMBER, 1948  |  NUMBER 2 MODEL 18 SERVICE NOTES AND CHANGES  |  OIL TANK CAP MODIFICATION It has been found that the model 18 oil tank cap retaining chain causes corrosion where the chain...
Nut Lifter

Nut Lifter

To get the nut started on the hinge bolts of the rudder and elevator, the illustrated “nut lifter” was devised. The off-set end is used at the main center hinges on both the elevator and rudder....
List of Manuals and Blueprints

List of Manuals and Blueprints

Below is a list of Beech 18 Manuals and Drawings available.  Please call Shelley Warren for more info and pricing at (918) 272-9815. PartNumber Description M01-90CB-1 C45 “FLIGHT MANUAL,C45 BOX 7”...

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