Propeller Oil Drain

D18S No. 3  |  Kit:  502  |  Revised:  April 15, 1953
In order to improve the efficiency in servicing the airplane, we have made necessary changes in the propeller feathering pump supply line to facilitate faster draining of the oil tanks.

This change is only desirable on airplanes that have hydromatic propellers or have provisions for hydromatic propellers. Airplanes, serials A-245 and after, have been changed at the factory. The change may be accomplished as follows:

  1. The propeller feathering pump oil supply line for the right engine connects to a fitting on the bottom of the oil tank and is accessible from the inside of the nacelle. This fitting is the second fitting on the tank. From this connection, remove the clamp on the hose from the end nearest the tank. Pull the hose from its present elbow connection adn drain the oil from the tank.
  2. Remove the two elbow fittings and keep the elbow that was connected to the hose.
  3. Using Parker Sealube on all fittings, install the nipple, tee, and drain plug into the bottom of the tank in that order.
  4. Install the elbow (removed in step 2) into the tee.
  5. Cut off required amount of present hose and reconnect to elbow with the clamp removed in step 1.
  6. Safety the drain plug with safety wire.
  7. Repeat steps 1 to 6 for the left drain reservoir installation.
  8. Refill the oil tanks.

Equipment Kit 502 for this change is available from your Beechcraft Distributor.

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