Hat Holder

Hat Holder

Model D18S, No. 1  | Kit 500 | Issued 8-6-46 | Revised 10-29-53

Hat holders are now available for your airplane and, if desired, may be installed on airplanes prior to A-220 as follows:

From the top of No. 9 bulkhead door, measure down on the vertical center line 20-5/16 inches. See figure. (This is on the front of the door facing the passengers' compartment.) This point locates the top hole of first hat holder.

Using a 1/8 inch drill bit, drill a hole at the point just located; place the hat holder in position and use the two bottom remaining holes as a jig for their location. Mark the two holes, remove the hat holder, drill the two holes and install the holder using the screws, washer and nuts provided in Kit 500.

Measure down, from the top of the door, 3 inches on the vertical center line. Place a straightedge at this point, perpendicular to the vertical enter line and measure 4-7/8 inches to the right. See figure. These two points locate the top holes of the remaining two hat holders that mount onto the door. Install the holders by the same method as the on just installed.

At the top center of No. 9 bulkhead, measure over to the right outboard side (to you left when facing the bulkhead) 7-3/4 inches. See figure. Place the holder at this dimension so that it has about 1/4 inch clearance from the top of the bulkhead and install in the same manner as the others.

Equipment Kit 500 for this change is available through your Beechcraft Distributor.

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