Landing Light

Model D18S, No. 6  |  Reprinted:  October 26, 1951  |  TURNING LANDING LIGHTS "ON" OR "OFF" IN EXTENDED POSITION

In order to improve the efficiency and operation of the landing lights, necessary wiring changes have been made on the Model D18S airplanes from Serial A133 and after to facilitate turning the landing light "on" or "off" while the lamp assembly is extended.

This change, if desired, may be accomplished on airplanes prior to Serial A133 by making minor wiring changes and adding fuses to the landing light motor. The following procedure and diagrams will serve as a guide when making this change.

  • This is the way the wiring appears before the recommended changes.
  • Changes in wiring from landing light cannon plug to the landing light.
  • After the change showing the fuse box and the operator switch

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